BQ76930通过I2C发送指令进入不了 SHIP模式


Star Xu:

您好,有特定的序列才能进入ship mode
To enter SHIP mode from NORMAL mode, the [SHUT_A] and [SHUT_B] bits in the SYS_CTRL1 register must
be written with specific patterns across two consecutive writes:
• Write #1: [SHUT_A] = 0, [SHUT_B] = 1
• Write #2: [SHUT_A] = 1, [SHUT_B] = 0
Note that [SHUT_A] and [SHUT_B] should each be in a 0 state prior to executing the shutdown command above.
If this specific sequence is entered into the device, the device transitions into SHIP mode. If any other sequence
is written to the [SHUT_A] and [SHUT_B] bits or if either of the two patterns is not correctly entered, the device
will not enter SHIP mode.

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