LAUNCHXL-CC1310: 更新问题

Part Number:LAUNCHXL-CC1310

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This project was created using a version of compiler that is not currently installed – 20.2.5.LTS [Arm]. Another version of the compiler will be used during build – 20.2.4.LTS. See 'Help > Install New Software' and select 'Code Generation Tools Updates' to check if this compiler is available through a CCS update. Visit <a href="liveaction:OpenAppCenter">CCS App Center</a> to get the latest compiler support. Or <a href="">software-dl.ti.com/…/a> and install the compiler, then register it with CCS through 'Preferences > CCS > Build > Compilers'. Rx properties Problem

Kevin Qiu1:

在CCS help菜单栏选择check for update更新编译器,或者直接安装最新版本的CCS11

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