TDA4VM: Some problems with the official SDK compiling MCU

Part Number:TDA4VM

Hi,TI experts
On Jacinto 7 evaluation board + J721S2XSOMG01EVM SOM board I tried to compile mcu2 based on ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-08_02_00_05 SDK with "make vx_app_rtos_linux_mcu2_0 -j16". The mcu2_0 image was pushed into the board with ssh /lib/firmware/vision_apps_evm and then rebooted, but it didn't start, please ask the TI engineers if you know why?
By the way, please tell me, where is the default output of the print function "appLogPrintf" in the MCU core and where can I see it, and why can't I see the print log of the MCU in the out-of-the-box mcu uart?
Thank you very much!






Could you please confirm the use case? Is there no Linux running on A72 here? 

Is MCU2_0 the only core running?

Could you please ask the customer to follow the build and run instructions mentioned below for vision_apps?

Vision Apps User Guide: Build and Run (ti.com)

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