IWR1443BOOST: Assistance Needed for Converting Binary .dat Files to .csv Format

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Dear Texas Instruments Technical Support Team,

I am writing to express my concerns and request your assistance in providing a solution for the IWR1443BOOST ES3.0 evaluation module. The out-of-box demo for this module generates binary .dat files of point clouds, which are difficult to read and analyze. This has caused significant inconvenience for myself and other customers who have bought this product.

After extensively searching through forums, I discovered that the mmwavebeta can generate .csv files. However, it does not support SDK version 2.1, which is used by the out-of-box demo of IWR1443BOOST ES3.0. This is an unfriendly and unfair user experience for customers who have purchased this specific evaluation module. We spend no less than them, but we don’t enjoy the same convenient products. Others can easily get the files they need, but we need to spend a lot of time and energy.

Moreover, I have noticed that some demos or functions that were available in previous versions are now absent in the updated ES3.0 version. This is quite disappointing and feels unfair to customers who buy the product just now because a good product should provide better user experience with each update. Now, the upgrade has only introduced more confusion and wasted valuable time for customers.

Given these concerns, I kindly request that you provide a code or any other ways for efficiently converting the binary .dat files generated from out-of-box demo in the IWR1443BOOST ES3.0 to readable .csv files. Thank you for your attention to these matters, and I look forward to your prompt and positive response.




Sorry for the convenience caused.As for converting .dat to .csv files, you could reference the C:\ti\mmwave_sdk_03_05_00_04\packages\ti\demo\parser_scripts\mmw_demo_example_script.py. Please also reference below e2e post.https://e2e.ti.com/support/sensors-group/sensors/f/sensors-forum/1183453/awr1843-awr-1843-dat-file-in-demovisualizer


Jun Gao:

Thank you. But there is a IndexError: index out of range.

(venv) C:\Users\Think\OneDrive – CUHK-Shenzhen\pythonProject2>python mmw_demo_example_script.py 3.datreadNumBytes: 680800allBinData: 2 1 4 3headerStartIndex = 0totalPacketNumBytes = 672platform = b'000a1443'frameNumber = 151timeCpuCycles = 2846640006numDetObj = 5numTlv = 3subFrameNumber = 1The 1st TLV type 64 len 589829 bytesThe 2nd TLV type 672598039 len 3357184025 bytes x(m) y(m) z(m) v(m/s) Com0range(m) azimuth(deg) elevAngle(deg) snr(0.1dB) noise(0.1dB)Traceback (most recent call last): File "mmw_demo_example_script.py", line 97, in <module> detectedNoise_array = parser_one_mmw_demo_output_packet(allBinData[totalBytesParsed::1], readNumBytes-totalBytesParsed) File "C:\Users\Think\OneDrive – CUHK-Shenzhen\pythonProject2\parser_mmw_demo.py", line 298, in parser_one_mmw_demo_output_packet print(" obj%3d: %12f %12f %12f %12f %12f %12f %12d %12d %12d" % (obj, detectedX_array[obj], detectedY_array[obj], detectedZ_array[obj], detectedV_array[obj], detectedRange_array[obj], detectedAzimuth_array[obj], detectedElevAngle_array[obj], detectedSNR_array[obj], detectedNoise_array[obj]))IndexError: list index out of range

It seems that the format in sdk3.5 is not compatible with my data collected based on sdk2.1. Can you help me how to deal with it?







Can you link what script you are using here?

1. Doppler is indeed velocity which is going to be in m/s. 

2. I am not sure exactly what PeakVal is with no context on the script, but my guess is the peak range profile value which is the sum of log2 magnitudes of received antennas expressed in Q9 format and choosing a value from the range bins being used.






请看e2e工程师最新的回复。Unfortunately IWR1443 is EOL as it is around 6 years old now, so you are correct that certain information such as demos is no longer being updated. However, I am glad you were able to fix your data issue.

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