DRV8323: INLx/INLx input do not match with GLx/GHx

Part Number:DRV8323

I'm Will, I'm asking help for the input and output voltage do not match when using DRV8323H(hardware driven).

The following picture shows GLx and GHx output circuit, VBUS represents for 12V input.

Using stm32F405 to input voltage for INLx/INHx off for 0V and on for 3.6V. Using an oscilloscope to test the input of INLx/INHx, the result is correct(on:3.6V,off:0V), but the output of GLx/GHx is strange, the detailed result is showed in the following picture. BTW, I only adjusted INLA/INHA and test result of GLA/GHA, the truth table is shown as well.

The strangest thing is: when both INLA and INHA are 0, the GHA still has voltage output.

The VDS(SCLK), IDRIVE(SDI), MODE(SDO), GAIN(nSCS) are shown as following pictures. 


R28,R29,R30 are connected, and the other resistor didn't connect to the PCB board, meaning open-loop.


Thanks for your answer! Hope friends give help!

Cherry Zhou:

Hi Will,

We've asked help from our experts, will get back to you soon.



Will Wu:

Thanks Cherry, hope to hear from you soon!


Cherry Zhou:

Hi Will,

Please keep follow on the link below and feel free to let me know if any questions:


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