TXS0108E: TXS0108ENMER size problem

Part Number:TXS0108E


I have purchased the model TXS0108ENMER of your company.

When I measured the volume, I found that the thickness was not consistent with the PDF. I also found that the thickness was not consistent with the PDF when I bought other batches. The quantity was 0.9mm, and the maximum value of PDF was 0.8mm.

Is the PDF not updated?

Kailyn Chen:

Hello, I have posted your questions to the E2E forum, and our foreign engineer would reply you about this question, please pay attention to their reply:



Kailyn Chen:


please  share the methodology on how you are measuring the package thickness?

In addition, your question is the same with https://e2echina.ti.com/support/logic/f/logic-forum/713250/txs0108e

If you are the same customer? 

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