BQ76930: 7串原理图

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使用BQ76930+BQ78350做7串的方案(MOS高侧控制,使用BQ76200驱动),目8816.Schematic Prints.pdf前前端电压无法采集,后端无法通讯;PEGOUT输出电压0.6V;

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Star Xu:

您好,In the external P-Channel FET balancing circuitry, the diodes are connected wrongly. The anode should connect to the gate of the FET and not after the gate resistor. Typically N-Channel FETs are used for external cell balancing as these are more robust for random cell connection. More details are explained in Section 10 Random Cell Connection – Within Limits of the bq769x0 Family Top 10 Design Considerations.I suggest they look at TIDA-01093 reference design for P-channel external balancing connections.TIDA-00792 reference design exhibits the BQ76200 high side driver and this design is the closest to the customer's design. Did they look at this design before? I suggest you first detailly look at these designs.

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