DP83640: Have anyone developed IEE1588 ptp with DP83640 and ESP32,I have some questions with the driver

Part Number:DP83640

Hi everyone,I’d like to develop IEE1588 ptp with DP83640 and ESP32、Now,my hardware has been completed,however,I have many problems during my development of the driver under the environment of ESP-IDF.The environment which I use to develop is ESP-IDF under the VScode vision 4.4.And my problems are as followed.

1:The ESP-IDF has already provide the driver of DP83848.Is it possibile to develop the driver of DP83640 based on DP83848,after I read the data sheet this question came into my head.

2:If I have to develop the driver from the beginning,Could you tell me Which parts and  funcation should this driver include and how many registers should be defined.Is there more detial which I should pay attention to.

2:Have anyone done the same job as me before could you gave me some advice or Are there any drivers that have already been developed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I would be very grateful if you could solve my problem.

Amy Luo:

Hi Cooper,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum!

1. The base PHY driver works with the DP83848 and DP83640. All basic control and status registers are the same and a single simple driver can be used for both.

To be able to tell the difference between PHYs, please read register 0x0002 and register 0x0003. These registers are known as the PHY Identifier Register set. Bits[9:4] in register 0x0003 will indicate the Model Number (i.e. PHY moded) and bits[3:0] will indicate the revision number.

2. Here is a software design guide for the DP83640: https://www.ti.com/tool/DP83640SW-LIB

The drivers provided in the following threads may also be helpful to you:

1) https://www.ti2k.com/wp-content/uploads/ti2k/DeyiSupport_接口_ccs-dp83640-dp83640-driver-support

2) https://www.ti2k.com/wp-content/uploads/ti2k/DeyiSupport_接口_3949633




Cooper Sheldon:

Hi Amy

Thank you very much for your reply。The threads you provide are very helpful.Now I will read the software design guide and lunix driver first.I will continue to post on the forum if I have questions in the future.





Amy Luo:

Hi Cooper,

You are welcome, I will close this thread for now.

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