what's DPPM mode of BQ25155 charger?

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While in DPPM mode, if the charging current falls to zero and the system load current increases beyond the
programmed input current limit, the voltage at PMID reduces further. When the PMID voltage drops below the
battery voltage by VBSUP1, the battery supplements the system load. The battery stops supplementing the system
load when the voltage on the PMID pin rises above the battery voltage by VBSUP2. During supplement mode, the
battery supplement current is not regulated, however, the Battery Over-Current Protection mechanism is active.
Battery charge termination is disabled while in supplement mode.


電池是4.35V/90mAh、PMID power from VIN or VBAT,、PMID電壓4.7V、關閉watch dog


當VIN對電池充電,電池未完成充電時中途關閉VIN,charger的flag會通知DPPM detect。

請問這樣的手法為什麼會啟動DPPM? 請補充說明什麼是battery supplement mode?

Star Xu:

您好,请参考下面文档4 Frequently Asked Questions About the bq25120A and DPM or DPPM
battery supplement mode 是电池补偿模式,请参考下面的描述。
Once the system voltage falls below the battery voltage, the device automatically enters the supplement mode where the BATFET turns on and battery starts discharging so that the system is supported from both the input source and battery

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