CC3220SF HTTPClient库是否能够把CC3220SF采集的数据(图片或json格式文件)以json格式发送给我新建tomcat服务器?


Viki Shi:

不行,文件是通过file system传输的。


int16_t HTTPClient_sendRequest ( HTTPClient_Handleclient,
const char *method,
const char *requestURI,
const char *body,
Make an HTTP request to the HTTP server.

Sends an HTTP request-line, header fields and body to the requested URI. After sending the request, the request function waits for the response Status and Header-Fields. According to the response status, the request function determines whether to return to user or to call a redirect/callback pre-defined function.

[in] client Instance of an HTTP client.
[in] method HTTP method.
[in] requestURI The path on the server to open.
[in] body The body the user wishes to send in in the request, The body can be chunked or one body buffer.
[in] bodyLen Length of the body sent in the request.
[in] flags Special flags when the user wishes not to use the default settings.
HTTPClient_CHUNK_START – First request body chunk.
HTTPClient_CHUNK_END – Last request body chunk.
HTTPClient_DROP_BODY – only keep the status code and response headers, the response body will be dropped.

– If user wishes to use TLS connection then before calling HTTPClient_sendRequest(), HTTPClient_connect() should be called.
If disconnection happened prior to HTTPClient_sendRequest(), HTTPClient_sendRequest() will reconnect internally.
When sending a body in a request, the "Content-length: " and "Transfer-Encoding: Chunked" headers will be added automatically.
Response status code on success or error code on failure.

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