QMAX 更新条件相关疑问

芯片: BQ40Z50R1
QMax Update Conditions
Temperature — If Temperature is outside of the range 10°C to 40°C.
Delta Capacity — If the capacity change between suitable battery rest periods is less than 37%.
Voltage — If CellVoltage4..1 is inside a flat voltage region. (See the Support of Multiple Li-Ion
Chemistries with Impedance Track Gas Gauges Application Report (SLUA372) for the voltage
ranges of other chemistries.) This flat region is different with different chemistry. The
GaugingStatus[OCVFR] flag indicates if the cell voltage is inside this flat region.
Offset Error — If offset error accumulated during time passed from previous OCV reading exceeds 1% of
Design Capacity, update is disqualified. Offset error current is calculated as CC Deadband / sense
resistor value.
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Ra Table Update Conditions
The impedance is different across different DOD states. Each cell has 15 Ra grid points presenting the
impedance from 0%–100% DOD. In general, the Ra table is updated during discharge. The
GaugingStatus()[RX] flag will toggle when the Ra grid point is updated. The Ra update is disabled if any of
the following conditions are met. The GaugingStatus()[R_DIS] is set to indicate the Ra update is disabled.
•During the optimization cycle, the Ra update is disabled until QMax is updated (that is, Ra will not be
updated if Update Status = 4), OR
Ra update is disabled if the charge accumulation error > 2% of Design Capacity, OR
•During a discharge, a bad Ra value is calculated:
– A negative Ra is calculated or
– A bad RaScale value is calculated.
A valid OCV reading during RELAX mode or a fast Qmax update without an OCV read will clear the
[R_DIS] flag.
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