AWR2944EVM: What are the four UARTs on the AWR2944EVM used for?

Part Number:AWR2944EVM


I am studying the usage of the 2944.

In the manual of the 2944, I learned that the four UARTs have different roles, as shown in the figure.

Question 1: Are the four UARTs referring to MSS UART, DSS UART, BSS UART, and RS232UART?

Question 2: I compared the EVM schematic and the MSS UART connected to XDS110 should be responsible for debugging registers mentioned in the screenshot, am I correct?

Question 3: What functions do the other three UARTs serve? Why is the DSS UART in a disconnected state on the EVM?


Gary Lu:

Simon wang 说:four UARTs

1. Auxiliary boot loader source UART: used as the source of the Bootloader.2. Register debugging interface UART (with XDS110 emulator) : used for register debugging.3. Universal UART communication support (UART 1/2) : Communicate with UART

Simon wang 说:am I correct?

I think that's right


Simon wang:

HI Gary

What you mean is that MSS UART is connected to XDS110, so it should be used as a register debug interface. Then, among RS232 UART, DSS UART, and BSS UART, which one is responsible for bootloading and which one is responsible for UART communication support?


Gary Lu:

Hello Simon,

I think 232 is used for boot loading, and D/BSS is used for communication support



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