LAUNCHXL-F28379D: ADC读取不到数据

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// Included Files
#include "F28x_Project.h"

// Defines
#define EPWM1_TIMER_TBPRD  2000  // Period register
#define EPWM1_MIN_CMPA500

// Globals
typedef struct
{volatile struct EPWM_REGS *EPwmRegHandle;Uint16 EPwmMinCMPA;

EPWM_INFO epwm1_info;

Uint16 AdcaResult0;

//  Function Prototypes
void InitEPwm1Example(void);
void ConfigureADC(void);
void SetupADCSoftware(void);

// Main
void main(void)
// Step 1. Initialize System Control:
// PLL, WatchDog, enable Peripheral Clocks
// This example function is found in the F2837xD_SysCtrl.c file.

// Step 2. Initialize GPIO:
// This example function is found in the F2837xD_Gpio.c file and
// illustrates how to set the GPIO to it's default state.

// Enable PWM1, PWM2 and PWM3

// For this case just init GPIO pins for ePWM1, ePWM2, ePWM3
// These functions are in the F2837xD_EPwm.c file

// Step 3. Clear all interrupts and initialize PIE vector table:
// Disable CPU interrupts

// Initialize the PIE control registers to their default state.
// The default state is all PIE interrupts disabled and flags
// are cleared.
// This function is found in the F2837xD_PieCtrl.c file.

// Disable CPU interrupts and clear all CPU interrupt flags:
//IER = 0x0000;IFR = 0x0000;

// Initialize the PIE vector table with pointers to the shell Interrupt
// Service Routines (ISR).
// This will populate the entire table, even if the interrupt
// is not used in this example.  This is useful for debug purposes.
// The shell ISR routines are found in F2837xD_DefaultIsr.c.
// This function is found in F2837xD_PieVect.c.

// For this example, only initialize the ePWM

// Step 4. User specific code, enable interrupts:
// Enable CPU INT3 which is connected to EPWM1-3 INT:
//IER |= M_INT3;

// Enable EPWM INTn in the PIE: Group 3 interrupt 1-3
//PieCtrlRegs.PIEIER3.bit.INTx1 = 1;

// Enable global Interrupts and higher priority real-time debug events:
//EINT;  // Enable Global interrupt INTMERTM;  // Enable Global realtime interrupt DBGM////Configure the ADCs and power them up//ConfigureADC();////Setup the ADCs for software conversions//SetupADCSoftware();////take conversions indefinitely in loop//do{////convert, wait for completion, and store results//start conversions immediately via software, ADCA//AdcaRegs.ADCSOCFRC1.all = 0x0001; //SOC0////wait for ADCA to complete, then acknowledge flag//while(AdcaRegs.ADCINTFLG.bit.ADCINT1 == 0);AdcaRegs.ADCINTFLGCLR.bit.ADCINT1 = 1;////store results//AdcaResult0 = AdcaResultRegs.ADCRESULT0;////at this point, conversion results are stored in//AdcaResult0, AdcaResult1, AdcbResult0, and AdcbResult1//////software breakpoint, hit run again to get updated conversions//asm("ESTOP0");}while(1);


// InitEPwm1Example - Initialize EPWM1 values
void InitEPwm1Example()
{//// Setup TBCLK//EPwm1Regs.TBCTL.bit.CTRMODE = TB_COUNT_UP; // Count upEPwm1Regs.TBPRD = EPWM1_TIMER_TBPRD;// Set timer periodEPwm1Regs.TBCTL.bit.PHSEN = TB_DISABLE;// Disable phase loadingEPwm1Regs.TBPHS.bit.TBPHS = 0x0000;// Phase is 0EPwm1Regs.TBCTR = 0x0000;// Clear counterEPwm1Regs.TBCTL.bit.HSPCLKDIV = TB_DIV2;// Clock ratio to SYSCLKOUTEPwm1Regs.TBCTL.bit.CLKDIV = TB_DIV2;//// Setup shadow register load on ZERO//EPwm1Regs.CMPCTL.bit.SHDWAMODE = CC_SHADOW;EPwm1Regs.CMPCTL.bit.LOADAMODE = CC_CTR_ZERO;//// Set Compare values//EPwm1Regs.CMPA.bit.CMPA = EPWM1_MIN_CMPA;// Set compare A value//// Set actions//EPwm1Regs.AQCTLA.bit.ZRO = AQ_SET;// Set PWM1A on ZeroEPwm1Regs.AQCTLA.bit.CAU = AQ_CLEAR;// Clear PWM1A on event A,// up count


// ConfigureADC - Write ADC configurations and power up the ADC for both
//ADC A and ADC B
void ConfigureADC(void)
{EALLOW;////write configurations//AdcaRegs.ADCCTL2.bit.PRESCALE = 6; //set ADCCLK divider to /4AdcSetMode(ADC_ADCA, ADC_RESOLUTION_12BIT, ADC_SIGNALMODE_SINGLE);////Set pulse positions to late//AdcaRegs.ADCCTL1.bit.INTPULSEPOS = 1;////power up the ADCs//AdcaRegs.ADCCTL1.bit.ADCPWDNZ = 1;////delay for 1ms to allow ADC time to power up//DELAY_US(1000);EDIS;

// SetupADCSoftware - Setup ADC channels and acquisition window
void SetupADCSoftware(void)
{Uint16 acqps;////determine minimum acquisition window (in SYSCLKS) based on resolution//acqps = 14; //75ns////Select the channels to convert and end of conversion flag//ADCA//EALLOW;AdcaRegs.ADCSOC0CTL.bit.CHSEL = 0;  //SOC0 will convert pin A0AdcaRegs.ADCSOC0CTL.bit.ACQPS = acqps; //sample window is acqps +//1 SYSCLK cyclesAdcaRegs.ADCINTSEL1N2.bit.INT1SEL = 1; //end of SOC1 will set INT1 flagAdcaRegs.ADCINTSEL1N2.bit.INT1E = 1;//enable INT1 flagAdcaRegs.ADCINTFLGCLR.bit.ADCINT1 = 1; //make sure INT1 flag is clearedEDIS;

// End of file



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AdcaResult0 = AdcaResultRegs.ADCRESULT0;


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