BQ40Z50 short in discharge

Dear :

        there are two questions:

         the first is about the  "ASCD" setting :

1,  Latch Limit  :

          the default setting  data is" 0"   ,in my opintion ,in short circuit of discharge the output is 0 V.

          so the setting is 0 V. is right?

2, Counter Dec Delay :

           the default setting is"10" s; in the short conditation  ,  10 seconds  may be too long ?

3, Recovery:

  Reset  :

            could you tell me the difference of the "Recovery " between the "Reset"?

the second :

           how to set if  resease the short condition ,and the output can recovr to normal.

          or if need to charge can be to normal?



Star Xu:

您好,关于ASCDLatch Limit :Short Circuit in Discharge Latch counter trip threshold 是个计数器默认是0Counter Dec Delay : Short Circuit in Discharge counter decrement delay 是计数器减量的延迟
Recovery: Short Circuit in Discharge recovery time短路放电恢复时间
Reset: Short Circuit in Discharge latch reset time短路放电闩锁重置时间
如何恢复ASCD保护,请参考TRM 2.7.3ShortCircuitin DischargeProtection

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